Release Notes

  • Release: MEDIAL 4.0
  • Version: 4.0
  • Release Type: General Availability
  • File name: MEDIALV4.1.001.exe

Not all files are distributed with all distributions.

For system hardware and software requirements, refer to the topic Requirements.

New Features in this Release

  • Live streaming channels.
  • Ability for a user to upload media from a webcam.
  • 100GB upload limit.
  • The player can be changed from Flash to HTML5.
  • The responsive player automatically resizes to match the size of the browser window.
  • The statistics area contains common reports, allowing the database to be queried for usage data to help with things like media retention.
  • A new transcoder allows for better codec support and faster encoding.
  • Options to change the My Account position to the main menu bar, and to remove the language bar.
  • More media types are accepted in the upload wizard.
  • Better support for captions files.
  • Users have the choice to make clips in their personal category public if they wish to embed them on a page outside of the media library. Clips uploaded to a users’ personal category are private by default.

Fixes Supplied in this Release

  • Direct access to a users’ personal category is allowed even if the user has no upload rights to any categories on the system.
  • Better customization options for LTI text allows you to guide users in the right direction when they use the LMS plugin.
  • Encoding progress on the media listing page is shown in real-time without having to refresh the browser window.
  • During thumbnail generation, the first thumbnail is taken from the beginning of the clip instead of 12.5% of the way in.
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