If the installation fails or it is necessary to reinstall the system, perform the following steps to remove MEDIAL. Once these tasks have been performed, you can reinstall MEDIAL.

Uninstalling MEDIAL program files does not affect the database, the uploaded user content, or the additional component software such as the Wowza Media Server.

Uninstall MEDIAL

  1. Locate and run the MEDIAL installer as Administrator by right-clicking it and choosing Run as Administrator.

  2. Click on the Uninstall radio button.

  3. Click Next. Locate the path where MEDIAL is installed and click Next.

  4. Enter the credentials of a Windows account that has permission to remove the software. If the account is a domain account, precede it with the domain like this:

  5. Click Next to continue.

  6. Check the box to confirm the removal of the software and click Next.

  7. Click Finish to complete the uninstallation.

Modify IIS

Ensure that the front-end and back-end MEDIAL sites have been removed from IIS.

  1. Click the Windows logo—.
  2. Type Internet Information Services and double-click Internet Information Services.
  3. If the front-end and back-end sites are present, delete them by right-clicking each of them and choosing Delete.

Delete Scheduled Tasks

Remove the MEDIAL encoder scheduled tasks.

  1. Click the Windows logo—.
  2. Type Administrative Tools and select it when it appears.
  3. Double-click Task Scheduler.
  4. If there is a task called Encoder Activity, right-click it and choose Delete.

Verify Database Removal

Check that the VLS and ASPState databases have been removed from SQL Server.

  1. Click the Windows logo—.
  2. Type SQL and open SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Log in using the SA password or Windows Authentication if the Windows account has administrative rights.
  4. Expand the Databases folder and delete the VLS and ASPState databases by right-clicking them and choosing Delete.

  5. Navigate to the directory where X: refers to the drive SQL Server is installed on:

    X:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data
  6. Ensure that the following databases and associated logs are removed:

    1. ASPState.mdf
    2. ASPState_log.ldf
    3. VLS.mdf
    4. VLS_log.ldf

Verify Service Removal

  1. Check that the MEDIAL service has been removed from Services by clicking the Windows logo—.
  2. Type Services and click on Services in the list.
  3. If HMLService is present, restart Windows Server to remove it.

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