Wowza Installation

MEDIAL uses Wowza Media Server for live streaming and on-demand content delivery. In a basic setup, you install a Wowza server on the same machine as the MEDIAL server, ensuring that each component uses different IP addresses. In an advanced deployment you install Wowza on a separate machine.

Install Wowza

With the JRE installed, you can install the Wowza Media Server.

To install Wowza Media Server:

  1. Download the install from the Wowza web site. Running the media server also requires a license key issued by Wowza. Once you have the necessary components, run the installer.
  2. A message may be presented asking for the JAVA_HOME environment variable to be pointed to a valid Java environment. If this occurs, click Yes to set it to the Java runtime environment you installed.

  3. Click OK at the notification.

  4. At the welcome screen click Next.

  5. Agree to the license and click Next.

  6. Enter your license key and click Next.

  7. Provide a username and password for the Wowza administrator console. Confirm the password and click Next.

  8. Accept the default installation directory or change it to a different location. Click Next.

  9. Click Install to install Wowza Media Server.

  10. Leave the first box checked to start the Wowza Media Server service once the window closes. Uncheck Launch Wowza Streaming Engine Manager in a web browser. Click Finish.

Before launching the Wowza Media Server, you will need to configure it as explained in a subsequent topic. Carry out the configuration after you install or upgrade MEDIAL.

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