The API section allows you to enter IP ranges so that the MEDIAL API can be made available to systems such as Moodle and Blackboard plugins or to SOAP applications developed to work with the API. On the API page, you can turn access the API on or off for all applications. You can then define a range of IP addresses allowed to connect to the MEDIAL API.

You need to set an API range for Moodle or Blackboard only if you are using the older version 2.5 plugins from Helix Media Library.

API Address Ranges

The API table allows you to enter a range of IP addresses along with a user-defined label to identify an external system using.

To enable the API and enter address ranges:

  1. Log into MEDIAL as the hmladmin user.
  2. Under settings (), navigate to the API page.
  3. Click the Yes radio button to enable access to the API by all applications.
  4. At the first empty row in the From column, add the starting IP address of the first application allowed to use the MEDIAL API.
  5. In the To column, set the ending IP address for this application.

    If you want to add just one IP address, enter the same address in both the From and the To columns.

  6. Click the Enabled box in the first column to enable this range of addresses to connect to the MEDIAL API.
  7. Click Save. You will see the message: Your changes have been saved successfully
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